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A collection of papers and research exploring watchfulness
and its relationship to experiences of a spiritual nature...
from the mystical, to dreams, to video game play.

The name Spiritwatch is used here to speak to the theme of this site which is a watchfulness focused on experiences of a spiritual nature. This watchfulness is in many of the papers a function of the scientific method or classical scholarship but not always. Sometimes it exemplifies the watchfulness of the observer. This can be from careful first person accounts, from a cultural perspective, from the perspective of the development of higher states of consciousness, or from the perspective of engagement in virtual worlds.

My work, over a number of years, has been about an interest in spirit or maybe an interest in the nature of reality/consciousness - I see these things as very overlapping and the movement from dreams to virtual worlds as quite natural.

Latest additions to Spiritwatch:

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A Rift in Reality: Exploring the Oculus Rift's effect on
Dream and Waking Realities. In IASD Dreamtime - Spring 2016

IASD Conference

Jayne Gackenbach, Mike Anson, Eric Mosley, Ann Sinyard and Teace Snyder

Contemplative Practice versus Video Game Play Associations

Contemplative Practice versus Video Game Play Associations: Attention, Dreams, Mindfulness and Self-Presence was presented by Dr. Jayne Gackenbach at the Science of Consciousness conference in Tucson, AZ in April 2016.

Symposium and Poster Presentations from the International Association for the Study of Dreams, Virginia Beach, VA, June 2015

Presentations from Towards a Science of Consciousness, Helsinki, Finland, June 2015

Video Game Play as Nightmare Protection

I am presenting a talk on our work on gaming and the nightmare protection hypothesis at a music festival, Unsound Festival, in Krakow, Poland on Oct. 12, 2014 (www.unsound.pl). I was invited by Goethe-Institut, a German cultural institute in Poland. The theme of the festival is dreams in all its forms thus the relevance of my work on video game play and dreams. The title of the talk is “Video Game Play as Nightmare Protection”. I am part of a series of talks. 

You can also listen to the talk here.

Conscious Mind Sleeping Brain

Gackenbach,J. I. & LaBerge, S. P. (Eds.) (1988). Conscious mind, sleeping brain: Perspectives on luciddreaming, N.Y.: Plenum. Available in PDF Format.

These papers are old reprints from research either published, but not electronically available, or papers from conferences or unpublished information.

Requested Reprinted Material

These papers are old reprints from research either published, but not electronically available, or papers from conferences or unpublished information.

Gaming, Social Media and Typical Dreams

Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Canadian Game Studies, Victoria BC, June 2013

Video Game Play and Consciousness

Gackenbach, J.I. (Ed.) (2012). Video Game Play and Consciousness. NOVA Science publishers.

Non-gaming Virtual Immersion and Dreaming

Gackenbach, J.I. (2012, October). Non-gaming virtual immersion and dreaming. Paper presented at the annual IASD PsiberDreaming online conference.


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